Tips for Shooting Perfect Photos in Low Light

Getting photos at low light means giving more attention to light and composition. But before you start hunting at night, plan what you want to do (read also about Night Photography Tips). Choose an interesting location by asking local people where the place has light or interesting architecture. Or if you want photographing traffic, checking which road and when the road is congested, don’t forget to find out where is the best and safest position when shooting.
Study the specified location carefully before starting to take a photo. Are there areas that are totally dark? Does the area actually make photos more attractive or more colorful when taken at night? If so, don’t be afraid to take pictures in photogenic locations at night.

The topic of beginner photography techniques this time will discuss how to get better photos in low-light space without using flash. No doubt, flash is the best solution for photographers to take pictures in a room with minimal light. However, unfortunately not all situations where “minimal light” can be overcome by using flash.

The use of flash can disrupt the “moment” of shooting socially and artistically. This also applies to flash on digital cameras. The default flash is the camera, as with flash in general, it often only gives lighting on the front. This ultimately affects the contrast quality of the photos produced. Deep contrast can reduce the beauty of photos.

This problem can be avoided depending on the subject of your photo and seeing how the light falls. Learn how the light falls in the environment in which you are photographing. Then think about the possibilities, whether this situation is suitable or not to use flash.

The right time to take pictures
If you are photographing a low light landscape, arrive at a location with a lot of time to set-up. The best photos are often obtained when the sky is still colored or can also be called blue hour. And this theory is more appropriate if the building is the object you want to portray. The photo becomes more attractive and the exposure becomes easier if the light in the sky and artificial light (light) from the object is balanced.

Maximizing quality
For best results when shooting at night, shoot in raw format. Your photos will store a lot of information that allows you to make photos more interesting by editing them in software for raw formats. Shooting in this format becomes more beneficial especially when shooting at night because it will provide more flexibility if you want to change the color temperature, or darken or explain the exposure.

Terakhir, walaupun anda tergoda menaikkan ISO untuk mempercepat shutter speed, foto terbersih akan didapatkan pada ISO 100-200. Jika menggunakan sensitivitas lebih tinggi, noise akan lebih terlihat, tapi efek ini dapat dikurangi dengan fitur High ISO Noise Reduction pada kamera atau dengan software editing foto.

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