The Hong Kong Waffles @ Mam Bebs

After our lunch at Harana in Torres St., we decided to head in the office as my mom attends a manager’s meeting while in my case, my quest was to try the Hong Kong Waffles at Mam Bebs. After seeing the posts of my friends eating the waffle, I had the urge to try it out!

Hong Kong Waffles originated of course in Hong Kong. Fellow blogger and owner Andrew told me that it was the old lady who made such waffles and it’s actually a street food that is so popular. It’s why Mam Bebs is the first one to offer Hong Kong Waffles here in Davao.

What made this waffles unique? You can clearly see that it looks like an embossed waffle and what I like about this waffle are the circles inside which is also the reason why I want to try this waffle. They recommended me to try with Chocolate Chip. So, I chose the one with the Chocolate Chip since it sounds delicious with the Hong Kong Waffle. I applied the “Rule of Thirds” in the picture above. (Sorry for the blurry picture.. I didn’t know till I found out in the PC.)

This version of Hong Kong Waffles has a Chocolate Chip sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar which made the waffle look more presentable. When this was served into my table, I didn’t expect that it would be big but I’m happy with it! Price: 35 Pesos.

The Taste:
I’m actually satisfied on the taste for a 35 Peso waffles. The Chocolate Chip went very well with the waffle and unlike pancakes, I had big slices of it and it was a delight! The bonus was the confectioner’s sugar which added a sweet flavor to the waffle. To be honest, I enjoyed eating the waffle since it has little circles with it (hehe!). A perfect treat after a good lunch.

Andrew also offered me to try their milk tea since I’m a milk tea lover, this was a perfect thirst quencher and partner to my Hong Kong Waffles. Of all the milk teas I’ve tried, this version of milk tea has a genuine taste which I was searching for years! Nowadays, milk tea is now incorporated with other flavors to the point that the taste of milk tea is completely diminished. If you’re searching for a true taste of milk tea, Mam Bebs is the destination.

Well, it’s obvious that I loved the Hong Kong Waffles and the milk tea! If you’re searching for a unique and fancy waffles, have a taste of Hong Kong at Mam Bebs! They’re still thinking of new flavors to incorporate with the waffles to have more choices. A big THANK YOU to Mam Bebs for the snacks and the milk tea. I will be back for sure.

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