Somang Kimchi: Dinner Satisfied!

I’ve lived here in Davao since forever and every time I pass by the main road in Bajada, I was always eyeing on this Korean Restaurant and for years, it stood there and I was intrigued on what dishes they serve that time. For years, still, it stood there, catering to customers who wants to have a sumptuous dinner at their restaurant.

Even though I worked at Yamaha School of Music last 2010-2011, still, I was intrigued on how it looks like inside this restaurant and since the time they changed their store front and their logo, I haven’t even dared to visit this restaurant, just standing out there. All I could do was to just pass by and just call it a day.

But just this day, THIS DAY! This was the day that I finally went inside this Korean Restaurant named Somang Kimchi. They’ve been around here in Davao for many years now, catering to customers who love Korean food and that includes the Koreans (duh!). As I went inside, I was greeted by their staff “Annyeonghaseyo!” to which I only replied with a simple “Hi!” and to be honest, I was expecting a Korean atmosphere with lots of Korean ornaments and Korean-style design but.

I guess, I was expecting too much. The interior was just like anything but ordinary. I had high hopes that I would feel comfortable inside and enjoy the atmosphere while eating my dinner. Nonetheless, I was here to eat dinner and try their dishes but if they would just tweak their restaurant by changing the wall color, tables and chairs and make it a little modern, it would be better! ๐Ÿ˜€

But the great thing about Somang Kimchi is their free Wi-Fi connectivity! I can say that the speed was good and enjoyed the privilege while inside the restaurant.

Okay, I have to admit but I think, they’re the only restaurant so far that has a buzzer on every table. If you want something, just press this buzzer and the staff would respond to it and proceed to the table on where the buzz came from. It will attend to what you need. But in my case, I still waved my hand and they still responded to my call. I had no idea that I can just press the buzzer on the table. ๐Ÿ˜€

I had a hard time scanning on their menu. They’re ranged above 100 Pesos and it includes 5-6 side dishes. Few minutes later, I finally chose their Bibimbap since the one I’ve tried in Bulgogi Brothers was shared with other bloggers and I wanna have it for myself! ๐Ÿ˜€

After ordering, the lady gave me this corn soup. This was pretty weird for me since the consistency was thick and it was topped with corn kernels. There was a Korean man in another table who was also served with corn soup and he effortlessly used the silver chopsticks on it! I was like, I just have to use my spoon with this corn soup! ๐Ÿ˜€

I love the taste of this soup and with no bias, the best corn soup I’ve tasted! The taste was perfect and I could have a bowl of this corn soup. I almost finished this soup when the side dishes were served on my table.

Now this is the price of aย 200 Pesoย dinner. It’s consist of Bibimbap with hot sauce if you want it hotter, a soup and 6 side dishes. I was worried on how am I gonna finish this all alone. But looking at this dinner, I was however pleased on how it’s arranged orderly. This is why I like Korean cuisine: It’s orderly and eye-candy!

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