Macro Addiction (Photography)

Here I am once again doing a Photography entry and I haven’t done this for a long time since I always eat (Gulp!) and do some reviews. Right now, let’s head to a different route and enjoy my favorite… Macro! 😀

Now, what’s with this macro and why I love using it? Well, from nitty-gritty details, to the lively & vivid colors, macro is one amazing feature that even a beginner can do it! Here’s the thing, I’m particular to the angles and it’s why taking pictures can take long and the wind just trolls every single moment which it can take longer time. XD

Well, to surprise you all, these pictures were taken in my cousin’s house and their flowers in the garden were just beautiful and good thing I brought the camera and the photography bug in me started clicking pictures and the results were wonderful! They were like DSLR-ish that they were so crisp, clear and colorful. Without any further, here are the pictures!

Well, they’re just six (I know) but it took me time to capture since they can get blurry and the wind kept on trolling. But with the Samsung camera that I brought, these pictures were amazing! Yeah, not a DSLR but it’s still beautiful, isn’t it? 😀

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