How to make a journal book

How to make a journal You need to pay attention to how your journal will be accredited and worthy of being used as a reference for future papers. Writing will be more interesting if in how to make a journal presents the analysis and processing of the latest information.

Scientific journals that are used as references to textbooks are not as easy as imagined. At least, there are 8 elements that can be used as guidelines for creating accredited journals. Here are nine elements:

There are several criteria that must be met by an international scientific journal, namely:

  1. Contains scientific works written by fulfilling scientific rules and scientific ethics
  2. Registered and has an ISSN
  3. Written using official UN languages, namely English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.
  4. Has an issue with an online version
  5. Professionally managed
  6. Editorial boards involved in journals are experts in their fields. They can come from various countries
  7. Scientific articles published in one journal contain an issue and the authors come from various countries
  8. Each publication contains research results in the form of scientific articles by writers from various countries.
  9. Indexed by reputable international databases, namely Scopus and Web of Science.

The part of the gap between reality and ideal conditions is the most crucial part of an introduction. The researcher must be able to describe that the problem is important and needs to be resolved. Disclosure of gaps will be stronger if accompanied by related data, for example student learning outcomes on past material, or student learning outcomes a year ago. In addition to quantitative data, researchers can also include qualitative data, about what is the problem. However, this qualitative data must still be related to the problem of learning outcomes. The wrong example: a school principal who is also a teacher has written his concerns about the learning outcomes of 4th grade students. But the problem is that there are too many meeting invitations. This is clearly no longer a problem of classroom learning. Well, things like that don’t need to be captured in the introduction.

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