Diner’s Venue: Yuppie’s Haven

I used to pass by Jacinto Street when I was in high school on my way home. But now, things have changed when I went to college and of course, my route is now different and since I’m a bit of a navigator, I can always find a way to be at home that is faster and easier.

Last January 25, the bloggers were invited to try their best dishes and the new ones at Diner’s Venue. They said that their space was a billiard place before being converted into a restaurant. Diner’s Venue opened last July 2013 and their target customers are primarily students and yuppies who want to have a great lunch and dinner. This was a good day for me to try their meals and of course, give our unbiased reviews. 🙂

When I arrived at Unionbank, I walked across the street and asked the tricycle driver on where is the Diner’s Venue but when I saw the tarpaulin, I went to the restaurant immediately just to prevent embarrassment. To be honest, it’s hard to notice the restaurant right away and have to look at the tarpaulin just to know that they’re already in the resto. I hope next time, they have the name and please, remove the tarpaulins. 🙂

One thing that I’ve noticed inside the resto is the floor. It’s so white that it didn’t corporate with the tables and chairs. I hope that they can change the flooring and maybe they can include the walls also. The seating capacity is still small and soon, they’ll add more upstairs and make it into lounge area whenever there are discussions or group study or just chillin’ out.

Their menu consists of rice meals, pasta and sandwiches. For this event, they introduced to us their house specialties and new meals. But they’ll change their menu as soon as possible to include their new meals and a possibilty of new prices for their meals.

To start the taste test, we had our appetizers first. The Paco salad is purely a vegetable salad that consists of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and salted egg with red onion vinaigrette. Price: 99 Pesos.
First bite of this salad and it went ballistic in my mouth! It was like fireworks! It was really delicious that all of us in the table reacted the same way. If they can just put a right amount of red onion vinaigrette in the salad, this dish would be perfect! 😀
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