“Bountiful” Lunch @ West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden

When it comes to food, there’s nothing more bountiful than Chinese foods and it has to be that way. Well, I’m a fan of Chinese foods because of its rich flavor, diverse ingredients and interesting taste of each dish.

Yesterday, selected bloggers were invited to have a “bountiful” lunch at West Empire. It is located at West JBT Plaza, Lanang Davao City. The building is designated for food-lovers who wants to explore different restaurants with different cuisines. 😀

Though I came late at the event, I wasn’t late to meet my favorite.. FOOD! (Just exclaiming my love for food.. again.. :D) Shall we start our food adventure? I can’t wait! 😀

The Appetizer. It features different dishes in one plate. They were all delicious but there was one appetizer that made me surprised yet it also looks interesting.

I dunno but this appetizer is so delicious. Surprisingly, it’s made of.. Jellyfish! I wasn’t hesitant to eat this appetizer because I always want to explore new flavors and this one didn’t fail me. 😉

Here are some of the dishes that were served during our lunch. I may not able to describe them individually but I’m sure that all of these are delicious! Indulge! 😀

They were sooo many that we couldn’t finish them all. But the best thing about this lunch was we were so satisfied with it! The taste, flavors, ingredients that were used, all of them were in great harmony.
I had such a great time also with the Davao Bloggers whom they’ve enjoyed their lunch as well, together with the owner who answered our questions in every dish. This was the lunch that I can say:
“The Emperor’s Lunch!”
If you wanna eat like a hungry emperor, visit West Empire and you’ll be delighted. 😀
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