8 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

The world of writing books is interesting for those who pursue this field. Each writer has a different form of writing. Some choose to write books, papers, articles, or journalism. The genre also has fiction books, textbooks, reference books, and so on.

Reviewing books, books are sheets of paper that contain various kinds of information. Information contained in the book has tremendous variety and knowledge.

Japan, one of the countries with a greater reading awareness than Indonesia, for example. The level of awareness of interest in reading encourages conscious people to write. Starting from writing books, writing journals, or conducting research. The more writers are born, the more insights offer readers. The probability of the reader is also getting bigger.

Reading books is one of the great writers’ capital. By reading, you will get more critical information, ideas, ideas, perspectives, and analysis results. As the main capital for writing books, books that are read can vary. Depends on the interest of each writer. Here are some of the benefits of writing a book.


1. Adding Insights
There are three professions that benefit many people. Namely, the profession as a farmer, teacher, and writer. All three professions have noble services. A writer for example. Authors who convey useful knowledge can change a person’s mindset, without the author realizing or thinking before.

Opportunities to write books in Indonesia are still relatively small compared to other countries. In other words, the opportunity to become an inspiring writer is still wide open. As a writer, the books we write are read and able to provide benefits certainly provide their own satisfaction.

In addition to adding insight to readers, writing books is also beneficial for yourself. Arthur Schopenhauer, one of the philosophers from Germany in 1851 once wrote that reading equivalent uses the thoughts of others, not one’s own thoughts. In other words, when you want to write a book to be careful about pouring information.


2. Strengthening Memory
Writing books helps to improve memory. A writer, is required to diligently read references here and there. More knowledge and perspective.

When a writer reads and writes it, he has activated the performance of the right and left brain. In other words, the brain continues to work actively which turns out to be able to minimize brain tissue damage in old age.

If you get used to writing early, help regenerate new nerves in the brain that last from an early age to seven years. However, other theories say that new nerve growth in the brain will continue to be produced until old age.

The author also provides benefits for book readers. Reading books regularly helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and brain damage. Another benefit for readers is that it helps relieve stress, heart disease, and is able to increase concentration.


3. Obtain Financial Benefits
The advantage of writing a book besides helping to provide solutions and moving hearts from one reader to another also provides financial benefits. The results of the book published, the author will get royalties.

The amount of royalties per author is different, depending on the level of book sales and publisher policy. The amount of royalties for authors is usually in the range of 5% -10%. In fact, there are also those who dare to give royalties up to 15%.


4. Open Minded
By becoming a book writer, more knowledge is gained. This amount of knowledge forms the character and behavior of a writer. The author can have an open minded mind.

Open minded is the ability to receive all forms of information from outside. Starting from ideas, opinions of others, and even scathing criticism can be accepted wisely.

In other words, the writer has an open attitude towards criticism. It is this openness of mind that makes a writer not easy to find someone and cast a stereotypical impression.

Open minded writers are more flexible, adaptable, and influence others through writing. Open minded writers have a writing style that is more interesting, fun, and opens up the horizons of the readers’ minds. The written writing was more weighty and not biased.


5. Be respected
Jordan E. Ayan said that all levels of education have been taught to read. Required to seek information, not to understand that reading has a positive effect on creativity. When reading, while reading an interesting book, subconsciously, there is a sense of awe towards the writer and respected.

Technically, the author is an egalitarian. Whereas in terms of design, the writer as a solitare and in prototype, the writer is a genius figure. Readers who are interested in the author’s book will create a sense of attraction and sense of pe

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